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Meat in French tasty

  To cook the meat so that it has turned out flavorful, tender and melting in the mouth is not obtained every time. However, this rule does not work if we are talking about such a famous dish of meat as meat in French. Knowing the basic rules of preparing this dish, you can be […]

Skewers of rabbit

  Skewers of rabbit – light, low-calorie dish that is quite easy to prepare. Marinate the meat of this animal should be about 4 hours, but otherwise, no bells and whistles. It’s simple and brilliant 🙂 Skewers of rabbit on this recipe turns out very tender and unique in taste. Much more original than the […]

Pork roast with apples and onions

  Excellent dish for the festive table, and for daily lunch. You will need: 2 kg. pork 3 tablespoons olive oil Salt and pepper to taste 4 cups Apple juice 1 Cup beef broth 3 whole apples, cored and cut into wedges 3 whole medium onions, sliced 1 whole Bay leaf


  INGREDIENTS: – 500 g beef (or pork); – 2 heads of onions; – 150 g of fat sour cream; – 1 tbsp spicy mustard; – 1 tbsp of flour; – 1 Cup hot water (or broth); – salt, black pepper, ground pepper – to taste; – vegetable oil.

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