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Triangular cutlets

Triangular cutlets Ingredients: — Waffle crusts — Minced meat — Bulb onions — Greenery — Spices — Eggs

Duck stuffed with apples

Duck stuffed with apples Ingredients: Duck stuffed with apples duck apple green varieties duck marinade: salt pepper garlic spices to taste Duck wash, gut, dry paper towel and rub with salt, pepper, garlic and spices inside and out, leave to marinate in the refrigerator (if you do in the evening) for the night. At the […]

Steam cutlets from turkey for slimming

Steam cutlets from turkey for slimming Turkey — 500 Grams Fresh greens — To taste Onion — 1 Piece Egg — 1 piece Salt — To taste Black pepper powder — To taste

Baby food Cutlets «Turtles»

Baby food Cutlets «Turtles» INGREDIENTS: 300-400 g of meat minced meat, 5 children’s sausages, Cheese sandwich in plates, salt pepper, Several pieces of cloves or peas of black pepper for decoration, Lettuce leaves for filing.

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