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Dietary dinner: chicken balls with vegetables

Dietary dinner: chicken balls with vegetables on 100gramm — 81.55 kcal Ingredients: Cabbage 400 g Chicken minced 450 g Carrots 200 g Egg 1 piece Salt, spices to taste

Escabeche of guinea fowl with thyme

  Escabeche in the Mediterranean countries, and called the marinade, and a dish that is usually prepared at this time of night and removed in the fridge — marinated in sour sauce based on vinegar or lemon juice in the morning, take out and eat breakfast. Breast of guinea fowl 2 pieces Carrots 100 g […]


FRENCH CHOPS IN THE OVEN Appetizing and juicy pieces of … INGREDIENTS: ● 1 kg of pork (I used the neck of pork) ● 1 kg of any mushrooms (I used mushrooms) ● 3 pieces. onions ● 100 grams of cheese ● 100 grams of Adygei cheese ● 2 pcs. red tomato ● mustard ● […]

Pork with vegetables, stewed in cream

  Ingredients: 400 g pork tenderloin 300 grams of mushrooms 100 g of pepper 100 g of tomato 150 ml. cream (medium fat) Salt, black and white pepper — to taste Olive oil

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