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  Ingredients: — 500 g pork neck — 300 gr of mushrooms — 1 large onion — 0,5 glasses of red wine — 150 g of cheese — 1-2 pears — salt, pepper

Turkey breast in honey-mustard sauce with basmati rice

  125 g basmati rice Salt 2 carrots 250 g Turkey breast 1 tbsp sesame oil Pepper 2 tbsp grainy mustard 1 tbsp honey

SAUSAGES chicken fillet

  Ingredients: -500-700 G chicken fillets -100 Grams of milk -30 G plums. Oil -1 egg -1 Large onion -1 carrot -Dill -Salt -Pepper

Pork skewers in Cuban

Ingredients: six teeth of garlic one beam svezheykinzy five limes two tablespoons of olive oil one tablespoon spices for barbecue a pinch of salt with allspice five hundred grams of pork pulp

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