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Hot dishes Christmas

Hot dishes Christmas Hot dishes Christmas- is the climax of the festival, which means that it must excite their appearance, taste delight, emphasize the solemnity of the long-awaited and fit into the overall picture of the Christmas table. Yes, the role assigned to him very important, and so hot in the Christmas, our hostess think […]

How to cook the meat in Thai

How to cook the meat in Thai Ingredients: — Meat — Sweet pepper — Milk — Curry — Soy sauce — Salt to taste — Oil for frying Preparation: 1. myasko thinly cut. Pepper cut into someone he loves. 2. heats skovorodochku or kazanchik, of butter and pour laying myasko. Lightly fried, then stew in […]

Roast «Rustic»

Roast «Rustic» Ingredients: Chicken fillet — 500 g Potatoes — 5 pcs. Carrots — 1 pc.

5 recipes for meatballs

5 recipes for meatballs 1. meatballs in creamy mushroom sauce Ingredients:

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