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Chicken Breasts in Oriental

Chicken Breasts in Oriental Composition: -Court (breast) — 500 gr -Soy sauce (salted) — 4 tbsp. -Honey — 2 tbsp. -Vegetable oil (quite a bit) — Garlic — 3-4 cloves -Press black ground -Curry -Imbyr powder

Pancakes with liver filling

Pancakes with liver filling Ingredients: ● 400-500 grams of liver ● 0.5 liters of milk ● 3 eggs ● 3 tbsp. Spoons of flour ● salt to taste For filling: ● 3 carrots ● 3 large bulbs ● 3 eggs ● some mayonnaise

Apple pie with egg-sour cream.

Apple pie with egg-sour cream. Just imagine — on a crispy sand dough halves of baked apples in a tender sauce, similar to a souffle … mmm, very tasty! You will need: For the test: Flour — 2.5 cups Butter — 300 g Sugar — 2 tbsp. L. Egg For filling: Apples — 3-4 Eggs […]

Vanilla cake with a damp chocolate filling.

Vanilla cake with a damp chocolate filling. The highlight of this cupcake is chocolate filling. It turns out to be moderately damp, with an intense chocolate taste. Yogurt in the cupcake gives it extra tenderness. Well, where without the glaze of white and dark chocolate 🙂 You will need: (On a 26 cm long form) […]

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