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Delicious and easy: Dumplings

 Delicious and easy: Dumplings Caloric content per 100 gr – 115 calories Ingredients 250 grams of cottage cheese (crumbly, homemade) 20 gr of semolina 1 egg vanillin Strawberry for filling

Beetroot on kefir (FOR SLIMMING)

Beetroot on kefir (FOR SLIMMING) What to cook from: Cucumbers 350 grams Beetroot 350 grams Kefir 1000 milliliters Dill 30 grams Green onions 30 grams Garlic cloves 2 pieces Salt sea ½ teaspoons The recipe for beetroot on kefir: Scrub the cucumber on a large grater. If the skin is bitter, remove it first. Raw […]

Cream Charlotte Cream

Cream Charlotte Cream Very delicate, tasty, thick cream “Charlotte”. Ideal for both spreading cakes and decorating them. With the cream “Charlotte” it is very pleasant to work, it is easily planted with a confectionery bag and perfectly keeps the form! Ingredients: – 350 g of butter; – 2 eggs; – 300 g of sugar; – […]

“Clever cake”

“Clever cake” (To anyone who has not met such a miracle cake, I’ll explain why it’s called that way.) All ingredients are mixed, a very liquid dough is obtained, but in the oven it is “cleverly” stratified into layers: and you get a cake with cream in the middle. due to the different fat content […]

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