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Peking cabbage salad

Peking cabbage salad This salad is very tasty and light, and most importantly, 10 minutes — and you have a chic dish ready. Ingredients: Peking cabbage 300 g Tomato 2 pcs Smoked sausage 100 g Boiled eggs 2 pieces Corn 100g dill mayonnaise Salt and pepper to taste Loaf 4 pieces

Ginger tea for weight loss and loss of appetite

Ginger tea for weight loss and loss of appetite On 100grams — 20.21 kcal, Ingredients: Per serving 1 tsp. Grated ginger root Slice of lemon 1-2 tsp Honey A glass of boiling water Preparation: A teaspoon of ground ginger root pour a glass of boiling water, when the tea will cool down to about 40 […]

Salad «The Filled Guest»

Salad «The Filled Guest» Ingredients: 200 g of boiled meat; 4 boiled eggs; 150g marinated mushrooms; 2 lightly salted cucumber; 50 gr of grated cheese; Mayonnaise and nuts for decoration.

Excellent custard recipe

Excellent custard recipe Ingredients: — 1 liter of milk, -2 eggs, — one liter of sugar, -200g. Butter -4 table. Lies. Flour (with a slide), — vanilla sugar.

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