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Pasta with shrimps in creamy sauce.

Pasta with shrimps in creamy sauce. Ingredients: Shrimp frozen Cream of 35% Tagliatelle (or any other paste) Parmesan Garlic Dried herbs (here oregano) Black pepper Salt


SUPER FAST PIZZA INGREDIENTS: For the test: ● two eggs, ● 180 grams of sour cream, ● 6 spoons of flour, salt. Filling: ● sausage, ● tomatoes, ● mushrooms, ● Grated cheese. PREPARATION: The dough is poured into a frying pan, we have top filling on top, sprinkle with grated cheese. We throw in the […]

Open wonder cake

Open wonder cake We need for the test: 150g of butter; ½ st. Milk; 2 tbsp. L. Sour cream; 0,5 hl of soda (pay off in sour cream); 2-2.5 tbsp flour. To fill: 4 eggs; 4 tbsp. L. Sour cream or mayonnaise; 3 tbsp. L. Flour; salt pepper. For filling: 1 hens. Breast boiled; 1 […]

Pizza «Crown»

Pizza «Crown» Ingredients: Milk — 100 ml Water 100 ml Eggs — 1 pc Sugar — 1,5 tsp Salt — 1 tsp Olive oil — 50 ml (40 ml for dough and 10 ml for filling) Wheat flour — 400 gr Yeast — 1.5 tsp

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