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Omelet in Denver, baked in the oven.

  Omelet in Denver — rather popular form of omelet. This omelet with peppers, ham, onions, often with grated cheese and sometimes even mushrooms. You will need: half a large onion 1 medium green bell pepper half a large red sweet pepper (optional) 200 grams of ham 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (plus a little more […]

easiest and pretty fish pie budget

  I love cakes with fish filling (with red-fish, of course), even with konservirvoannoy. Ingredients for the dough: ● yogurt 1st., ● raw egg 1 pcs. ● flour 1 tbsp., ● soda ½ tsp Filling: ● canned 1 b., ● boiled egg 2 pcs., ● any greens, cheese ’50

Quick and tasty pizza

Ingredients: -Yaytsa — 2 pieces -Mayonez — 3 Art. spoons -Muka — 3 Art. spoons -Kolbasa — 150 Grams -Luk — 1/2 Pieces -Pomidor — 1 Each -The Raw material — 200 Grams -Green — To taste

Cottage cheese and cheese pizza

  Ingredients: -tvorog fat 400g; -cyr 17% 50g; -shampinony 100g; -yaichny protein 3 pcs .; -pomidor 200g; -bazilik 30g; -ukrop 30g; -hydrochloric and spices to taste.

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