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Pizza very tasty

  This recipe of pizza dough finally calmed my taste. For a very long time I was looking for him and now, gastronomic happiness came. I bake them right on 2-3 pieces. For those who love a light pizza on a thin dough, is dedicated. In General, here it, the ideal of pizza. You will […]

Delicious and simple Pizza in a pan

Delicious and simple Pizza in a pan Ingredients: ● 4 tablespoons sour cream ● 4 tablespoons mayonnaise ● 2 eggs ● 9 tablespoons of flour (no slides, to the detriment) ● cheese

Pizza Burger

Ingredients For the dough: Milk — 120 ml Vegetable oil — 1 tbsp. l. Wheat Flour — 1 stack. Chicken egg — 1 pc. Salt — ½ tsp.. For filling: Dry sausage — 150 g Mozzarella grated — 150 g Mozzarella — 50 g Tomato sauce — Article 5. l. Minced pork — 250 g […]

CLASSICAL pizza with sausage

Ингредиенты: 100ml water 6 circles of sausage any (better — salami or pepperoni) 1.5 cups flour 4-5st.l. grated cheese 4st.l. olive oil 3-4st.l. tomato paste 1ch.l. baking powder for the dough oregano ground black pepper salt

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