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Potato-accordion Very tasty, quick and easy! Try it, you will not regret it! Peel potatoes, preferably not very large, elongated shape. Make cuts throughout the potatoes, not cutting to the end. SLIMME cover with salt.

Potatoes «French» in the pan

Potatoes «French» in the pan Ingredients: — Pork — Potatoes — Onions and garlic — Salt — Pepper — Tomato — Cheese — greenery Preparation: 1. Pork (meat in general, you can take any) cut into thin slices and fry quickly with a small amount of vegetable oil over high heat. 2. Add the sliced […]

Chicken kebabs with zucchini

Chicken kebabs with zucchini Ingredients: 500g chicken 1-2 pieces. young zucchini Vegetable oil for frying Marinade: 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l. soy sauce 1 h. L. apple cider or wine vinegar (or lemon juice) 1 clove garlic 0.5 h. L. honey spices to taste (I — thyme, oregano and black sesame) salt […]

Potatoes are a peasant

Potatoes are a peasant Ingredients: — 4-5 potatoes — 200 grams of ham — 2 onions — salt pepper — vegetable oil   Preparation: 1. Boil the sliced potatoes. Ham cut into stripes and fry. Onions cut into half rings and fry separately from ham. 2. Mix the ham and onion. 3. Add the potatoes […]

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