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Potatoes «French» in the pan

Potatoes «French» in the pan Ingredients: — Pork — Potatoes — Onions and garlic — Salt — Pepper — Tomato — Cheese — greenery Preparation: 1. Pork (meat in general, you can take any) cut into thin slices and fry quickly with a small amount of vegetable oil over high heat. 2. Add the sliced […]

Chicken kebabs with zucchini

Chicken kebabs with zucchini Ingredients: 500g chicken 1-2 pieces. young zucchini Vegetable oil for frying Marinade: 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l. soy sauce 1 h. L. apple cider or wine vinegar (or lemon juice) 1 clove garlic 0.5 h. L. honey spices to taste (I — thyme, oregano and black sesame) salt […]

Potatoes are a peasant

Potatoes are a peasant Ingredients: — 4-5 potatoes — 200 grams of ham — 2 onions — salt pepper — vegetable oil   Preparation: 1. Boil the sliced potatoes. Ham cut into stripes and fry. Onions cut into half rings and fry separately from ham. 2. Mix the ham and onion. 3. Add the potatoes […]

Potato with chicken and mushrooms.

Potato with chicken and mushrooms.

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