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Potato gratin with minced meat and mushrooms

  Quick, hearty and delicious casserole! Amounts of ingredients can be varied: 800 gr. potatoes 300-400 gr. mushrooms 2 bulbs 500 gr. minced meat (I take beef) 1-2 tbsp tomato paste 200-250 ml. cream 100 gr. cheese for baking salt, pepper, thyme, red pepper

Potato with chicken and mushrooms.

Great potato garnish

Excellent presentation of sliced potatoes with garlic, thyme and bacon. This dish will be the star of your holiday feasts! This is one of those dishes that looks unusual, but actually it is quite simple to do and is not even necessary to clean the potatoes! Ingredients: 2 kg red potatoes 5-6 strips of bacon […]

Potatoes in Greek

at 100g 68.60kkal Ingredients: potatoes — 0.5 kg. garlic — 1 small clove lemon juice — 1/4 cup dry oregano — 1ch.l. olive oil — 2 tsp water — 1/2 cup salt, black pepper — to taste crumbled parsley

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