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Salad Saturday

Salad Saturday Preparation: 200 g boiled potatoes grate, mix with mayonnaise, salt the taste and put in a dish first sloёm. 1 large onion cut into half rings and fry with little oil until golden brown – put on top of potatoes further to the bow – 3 eggs, worn on a fine grater, sprinkle […]

Salad “Bunito”

Salad “Bunito” Ingredients: ● chicken fillet – 250 g; Boiled eggs – 3-4 pieces; ● carrots in Korean – 125 g; ● Cheese hard – 100 g; ● mayonnaise 30% fat – to taste; ● salt – to taste; ● greens – for decoration.

Low calories Fast Salad “Mushroom Penechki”

Low calories Fast Salad “Mushroom Penechki” Ingredients: -Potted potatoes, – chicken boiled fillet, -there is a marina. Cucumber, -Marinov.opyata, -frozen eggs,

Salad Sherlock

Salad Sherlock (very tasty and delicate) Fried onions give such a rich recipe a special note. And the name of this salad speaks for itself – it is prepared simply elementary, Watson !. Ingredients: – 250 g of boiled chicken fillet; – 200g marinated mushrooms; – 4 boiled eggs; – 1 onion; – 80 g […]

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