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Salad “Watermelon slice”

Salad “Watermelon slice” Ingredients: Chicken fillet 400 grams; Eggs 3-4 pieces; Cheese 150-200 grams; Fresh tomatoes – 2 pieces; Fresh cucumbers – 2 pieces; Onions – 1 head Olives (for decoration) Mayo Preparation: To start zamarinuem onions. Onions should be cut. Take half a glass of water, a teaspoon of sugar, two teaspoons of vinegar […]

Salad in the “carrot” of puff pastry

Salad in the “carrot” of puff pastry Ingredients: For tubes: 500g puff pastry Carrot juice mixed with tomato paste For the salad: 2 chicken breasts 2 fresh cucumber 2 eggs 1 onion dill mayonnaise parsley for decoration Preparation: Roll out puff pastry. Cut his stripes with a width of about 1 cm. Roll of cardboard […]

Sunny mood to all! Salad “Sunflower”.

Sunny mood to all! Salad “Sunflower”. Ingredients: Boiled chicken breast – 200 g, fried mushrooms – 200 g, boiled eggs – 3 pcs. Cheese – 100 g, yolk – 3 pcs. pitted black olives, large chips.

Beautiful layered salad – “Two Hearts”

Beautiful layered salad – “Two Hearts”   Ingredients and preparation: Putting layered salad: Each layer is applied mesh of mayonnaise 1 Layer potatoes, vegetable oil, onion 2sl. – Pickle 3PL. – Boiled chicken 4sl. – Prune (steamed) 5sl. – Mushrooms (boiled and fried with onions 6SL. – Cucumber 7sl. – Egg (boiled) 8sl. – Raw […]

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