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Salad «The spark of happiness»

Salad «The spark of happiness» Ingredients: Boiled chicken breast — 2 pieces Fresh champignons -200 g Onions — 1 pc. Cheese — 100g Tomato (sort of Cream) — 3pcs Greenery (parsley and coriander) — 1 bundle Mayonnaise Salt to taste

Tuna salad

Tuna salad Ingredients 3 pcs. Potatoes, medium size 3 pcs. Eggs 1 PC. Carrot, large 200 gr. Tuna 200 gr. Beans 70 gr. Olives (pitted) 4 tablespoons wine vinegar 4 tbsp. L. Olive oil 1 PC. onion green beam Salt (to taste) Ground pepper, black (to taste)

Salad «Horseshoe of Fortune»

Salad «Horseshoe of Fortune» Ingredients Smoked breast — 1 pc. Boiled egg — 3 pcs. Canned beans — 1 can Carrots in Korean — 150-200 gr mayonnaise

Funchoza salad with vegetables

Funchoza salad with vegetables Ingredients: 200 gr. Noodles transparent rice 3 pcs. Bulgarian pepper of different colors 2 carrots 3-4 cloves of garlic vegetable oil 1 fresh cucumber 2 tsp. Vinegar salt Soybean (soy sauce)

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