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Pies in puff pastry

  Ingredients: — 500g puff pastry — 300 grams of sausage-meat products — 1 egg — sesame

Mushroom roll lavash

  Ingredients: — Armenian lavash — Champignon — cheese — greenery

Cheese cake with kefir in a pan for 5 minutes!

  These kefir cheese-cakes will delight hostesses who do not have a lot of time — they are preparing is almost lightning speed for a few minutes. If you are in the country, and the bread is over, and you are expecting guests, and no store nearby does not work, prepare the cakes. They help […]

Hot sandwiches, rolls

  Bread, cheese … immediately conjure a sandwich. I propose here to be creative! The relatives will thank you! Ingredients: Bread (white toast) — 6 pieces Processed cheese (slices) — 6 pieces Egg — 2 pcs Oat flakes — 1 stack. Salt Vegetable oil (for frying)

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