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Recipe “Envelopes of pita”

  Ingredients: Filling: boiled chicken breast, grated cheese, greens, raw egg salt.

Egg in the sausage

  Ingredients 3 long sausages (e.g. Vienna), 3 eggs, 2-3 tbsp. tablespoons of mayonnaise, butter, vegetable oil for frying, salt, salad greens and parsley, pepper.

Sandwich with cheese and ham

  Easy, fast, and most importantly – delicious! Ingredients: to toast bread – 2 pieces. Slices of ham – 2 pcs. Cheese slices – 2 pcs. Egg – 1 pc. Milk – 50 ml Mustard – 1 tsp.. Mayonnaise – 1 tsp..

Snack cheese pie with vegetables.

Very original, tasty and beautiful dish. A little bit of time he would have to pay to cook, but this time spent is worth it. Check out the recipe and cook this festive appetizer. Ingredients: 1 kg of dense curd 50 g sour cream 4 sweet peppers of different colors 100 g pitted black olives […]

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