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Shaurma on home

Shaurma on home Ingredients: 600 g — chicken fillet 200 g — sour cream is not oily 2 tablespoons — mayonnaise 2 packs of thin Armenian lavash 2 tablespoons — condiments for chicken 2 pcs. — fresh cucumber 2 pcs. — tomato 1/2 of the middle head of the Iceberg salad 1/2 head of Peking […]

«Fast pie with ham and cheese»

«Fast pie with ham and cheese» Ingredients: — 4 eggs — mayonnaise (grams 250-300) — baking powder for dough 1.5-2 tsp — flour — ham and cheese

Basket with meat salad.

Basket with meat salad. Salad is simple, but very tasty! It is light, piquant, lush and at the same time satisfying, apples are not discernible in it — your men will also be satisfied. Another plus — it does not «flow» and the basket remains crumbly. Try it! Ingredients: CARTBOARDS: -Cream butter — 100 gr […]

Potato nests with mushrooms and cheese

Potato nests with mushrooms and cheese Ingredients: For nests: 1 kg of potatoes, 2 eggs, 1 tbsp. Butter, Warm milk — 100 ml, Filling: 200g champignons, 1 large onion, A few tablespoons of grated cheese (for example, «Russian»), Salt — to taste, Black ground pepper — pinch, Italian herbs — pinch

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