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 Italian Krostini

 Italian Krostini Krostini are miniature crispy sandwiches, popular in Italy. From above you can put anything, or that is in the refrigerator, just do not forget to fry the bread slices and sprinkle them with olive oil. Excellent food for surprise guests Ingredients · Half baguette · 2 tablespoons of olive oil · 4 slices […]

Sandwiches «Ladybugs»

Sandwiches «Ladybugs» Ingredients: · Baton threaded · Red fish (salmon, trout, Gorubsh, salmon) · Butter · Tomatoes · Olives without pits · Parsley

Galeta with tomatoes and cheese

Galeta with tomatoes and cheese Ingredients: Flour — 270 g Egg — 1 pc. Extra virgin olive oil — 60 ml Water — 60 ml Salt — 1 pinch For filling: Strong medium tomatoes — 3-4 pcs. Imeretinsky cheese — 400 g Dried basil — 1 tsp. Olive oil «extra virgin» — to taste Salt […]

Hot sandwiches with mushrooms and cheese

Hot sandwiches with mushrooms and cheese Ingredients: 2 fresh buns with sesame seeds 100 g of fresh mushrooms 1 pc tomato, cucumber, onion 100 gr of hard cheese Greens, salt, pepper, olive or vegetable oil Preparation time — 15-20 minutes.

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