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Omelette «With Love»

Ingredients: Sausages — 2 pcs. Egg — 2 pcs. Vegetable oil — to taste Milk — 50 ml Grated cheese — 50 g Sauce for feeding Greens — to taste Pepper, salt — to taste

Banana muffins with chocolate

  Preparation time: 50 minutes. Ingredients: Flour — 1/2 stack. Banana — 2 pcs. Sugar — 1/2 stack. Butter — 50 g Egg — 1 pc. Baking powder — 1 tsp.. Black Chocolate — 100g Sprinkling sugar — for decoration

Cheese soup with shrimps (60 kcal / 100 g)

  Shrimp 450g Sweet pepper red 2 pcs Canned corn 350g Cow milk 425 ml Olive oil 2 tbsp Onion 1 pc Potatoes 350g Bay leaf 1 piece 0.5 tsp dried marjoram Muscat nut 0.2 tsp Cheese 150g Bouillon 1.5 — 2 liters

Decorating dishes. Salad «Rainbow»

It is bright, cheerful and healthy dish, which decorate the gray days and give a good mood. To prepare the salad you can use a wide variety of products: vegetables (peppers, carrots, beets, cabbage, cucumbers, etc.), eggs, mushrooms, chicken, ham. Meat ingredients it is possible to replace the fish, shrimp or crab sticks. As the […]

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