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Scallops with celeriac puree

Ingredients Scallops 150g Celery puree 100 g Ber blanc sauce 60 ml Olive oil 30 ml Green asparagus 30 g Capers 10 g Fresh herbs 5 g Balsamic vinegar 5 ml Salt 2 g Black pepper 0.5 g Ber blanc sauce Chicken broth 850 mL Butter 85 g Garlic oil 30 g Fresh herbs 5 […]

Diet menus. Meatball turkey, baked in vegetable sauce

on 100gramm — 58.57 kcal Ingredients: turkey fillet — 1 kg (can substitute chicken) Egg — 1 pc Onions — 1 pc Garlic — 7 g Salt and pepper — to taste Wholegrain flour — 3 tbsp. l For the sauce: Zucchini — 500g Sweet pepper — 2 pcs Tomato juice — 400 g Water […]

Weight loss. Lean beef in soy sauce

on 100gramm — 127.05 calories Ingredients: Lean beef 400 g Garlic cloves 3 Soy sauce 3 tablespoons Chili 1 piece Ginger 1 head Green beans (can be frozen) 300 g Salt and pepper to taste Olive oil

Chicken fillet in creamy mustard sauce.

There are a huge number of recipes for chicken, these dishes look great both on holiday and on the everyday table. Today, I suggest to cook extremely tender and tasty chicken in a creamy mustard sauce. Garnish this dish can pick your own. I served with rice. To prepare the chicken in creamy mustard sauce […]

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