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Tender and flavorful dish

Tender and flavorful dish Ingredients: -4-6 Potatoes, -2 Young zucchini, -2 Eggplant, -3-4 Peppers, -3-5 Tomatoes, -2-4 Cloves of garlic, -500 G sour cream, -1 Teaspoon salt and pepper.

Simple recipe for banana mousse

Simple recipe for banana mousse Ingredients: -banan — 2 pcs. -slivki — 200 g egg (protein) — 2 pcs. -saharny sand — 1 tbsp. l. citric juice — 1 hour. L. Preparation: Peeled banana pound in weight, add lemon juice. Whip cream, add powdered sugar and a lot of bananas. If mousse prepared with egg […]

Very simple and delicious meatballs awesome

Very simple and delicious meatballs awesome Ingredients: — 300 gr. minced — 5 secondary raw potatoes — 1 large raw carrot — 1 egg — 1 small onion — Salt and pepper to taste Preparation: 1. Potatoes and carrots rubbed on a coarse grater, add beef, egg, salt, pepper and onions, make the meatballs, obkatat […]

Cream «wet meringue»

Cream «wet meringue» The cream is very resistant, tasty and tender as zefirchik. Excellent for decoration, well it holds its shape. Your imagination and food coloring to make a masterpiece out of any home baking.

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