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  Ingredients: -Chicken fillet — 500 g -Onions (large) — 3 PCs. -Potatoes (average) — 4 PCs. -Eggs — 3 PCs. -Processed cheese — 3 PCs. -Yogurt (no additives or sour cream) — 0.5 cups -Salt – to taste -Dill -Black pepper – to taste

Spaghetti with meat balls in tomato sauce

Ingredients: Onions – 1 head Minced beef – 500 g Garlic – ½ head Tomatoes – 2 pieces Tomato paste – 2 tsp Ground black pepper – 1 pinch Spaghetti – 400 g Sea salt – to taste

Favorite Hot Artichoke Spinach Dip

No one will ever suspect that this creamy party classic is lower in fat than the much loved original. The combination of artichoke hearts, spinach and Parmesan cheese gives it great flavor.
—Michelle Wentz of Fort Polk, Louisiana

Spicy Crock Pot French Dips

After seeing a recipe over and over shared on facebook i decided to make my own version — posted by Shawn C

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