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Pineapple Sherbet

This was a favorite dessert at Thanksgiving and Christmas when we all gathered at Grandma’s house — the holidays weren’t complete without her delicious homemade sherbet. I remember those days fondly whenever I make it.

Pan Burritos

Our family loves Mexican food, so this flavorful, satisfying casserole is a favorite. It’s nice to have a way to get the taste of burritos and be able to cut servings any size you want. —Joyce Kent, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Molasses Creams

This is one of my favorite cookie recipes — making these treats seems to put me in a holiday mood. Maybe it’s the soft centers, or perhaps the spicy aroma of ginger and cloves. Whatever the case, a few Molasses Creams and a glass of milk or cup of warm tea always hit the spot!

Chorizo Egg Casserole

Growing up on chorizo and egg burritos, I decided it was time for a remake. In the morning when I make coffee, I pop this in the oven and an hour later, breakfast is ready!—Relina Shirley, Reno, Nevada

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