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Cheese Potato Pancakes

These Cheese Potato Pancakes are simply great. Really crispy on the outside while the interior is soft and deliciously flavored.

Dietary salad

on 100gramm — 58.08 kcal Ingredients: Beets boiled 1-2 pcs. Carrots boiled 1-2 pcs. Cucumbers 2 pcs. Onion half / quarter head 3-5 tablespoons green peas Greens on posypku Olive oil Preparation: Beets, carrots, ogrurtsy cut into cubes, onion shred. stirred all the ingredients, add the butter and herbs, give it brew for 10-15 minutes. […]

Cottage cheese — cheese pizza

At 100 grams — 66.25 kcal Ingredients: -tvorog fat 400g; -cyr 17% 50g; -shampinony 100g; -yaichny protein 3 pcs .; -pomidor 200g; -bazilik 30g; -ukrop 30g; -hydrochloric and spices to taste.

Pepperonata with chicken

Ingredients: — Chicken breast fillet — 500 g — Flour — 1 tbsp. l. — Salt and pepper to taste — Onions — 2 pcs — Garlic — 4 the tooth. — Pepper — 2 pcs (better to take a different color) — Tomatoes (you can take the tomatoes in their own juice) — 400 […]

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