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Hot Apple Cider With Dark Rum

Autumn is often a time of cold, grey weather. Fortunately it is also apple harvest time, and the season for keeping warm with comforting food and drinks. Enjoy reassuring recipes for body and soul featuring Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider Mix in K-Cup pods for the Keurig system, which combine fall pleasures to perfection. — posted by Mary Jenny

Lemon Sugar Cookies

These are my favorite sugar cookies. The lemon adds a unique flavor. They sure are good with coffee when company comes. —Eula Forbes, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Chickpea Flour: How To Use It and Why You'd Want To

Chickpea Flour: How To Use It and Why You'd Want ToWondering how to cook with chickpea flour? Learn how to use this treasured Indian ingredient in everything from appetizers to dessert.

Blueberry Crunch Breakfast Bake

Blueberries in season make this a very special breakfast, but I find that frozen berries can work just as well. My grandmother used to make this with strawberries and I always loved to eat it at her house.—Marsha Ketaner, Henderson, Nevada

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