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5 Spice Bourbon Punch

Originally from Serious Eats, this cocktail is warm and delicious any time of year. The original recipe (as below) is made into a punch, but I like to keep the ingredients separate and stir each drink to order using 2 parts bourbon to 1 part simple syrup with juice from 1/2 lime (fresh squeezed). The syrup scales well (double, triple) if you plan to serve more people. — posted by SeattlePilot

9 Traditional Hawaiian Foods to Try in 2017

9 Traditional Hawaiian Foods to Try in 20172017 is all about traditional Hawaiian food. Discover some of the smokey, gooey, nutritious treats of the paradisical island.

Golden Zucchini Pancakes

If your garden is overflowing with zucchini this time of year, make these incredible pancakes to use it up. We squeeze the zucchini well before using to remove excess moisture. —Terry Ann Dominguez, Silver City, New Mexico


YUM! — posted by Christine B.

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