Cheese soup (with mushrooms and broccoli)

Today’s recipe — delicious cheese soup (soup variations of cheese I already had), but now with the addition of not only mushrooms, but also useful broccoli. I beg.


● mushrooms (5-7 pieces);
● cheese (2 pcs.);
● broccoli (200 g);
● potatoes (1-2 pieces);
● carrots (1 pc.);
● salt, vegetable oil for frying.Cheese soup (with mushrooms and broccoli)

Cheese soup (with mushrooms and broccoli)


Mushrooms cut into.
Fry 5-10 minutes.
Three carrots on a grater and fry, too.
Broccoli share on inflorescences on smaller pieces. You can take fresh broccoli (in season), and you can use frozen. In this case, before cooking the broccoli cheese soup thaw slightly, otherwise it will be difficult to cut.
Potatoes cut.
In boiling water to add all the ingredients, salt and cook for 10 minutes.
it eventually rub cheese on a coarse grater.
And add to the soup. Cook another 5 minutes, until the cheese will not disband. Sprinkle with dried dill (if desired) and then give the soup a couple of minutes. Serve the soup with cheese croutons or toasts.

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