Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations


It is unlikely that in the world there are people who do not know what the bumps. But, as many of the know of this unique natural matter, you can create original things? It is enough to find a little time, a little bit of desire and, of course, the same bumps. Putting the matter fantasy, decorate your home unique decorations.

Before you start to create, you need to learn some of the secrets:

— Buds change their shape in the heat, they were disclosed. In order to fix the shape of cones, before you start working, you need to drop it in a warm solution of wood glue. Approximately 30 seconds, and then dried. Thus, it is possible to avoid deformation of the finished product.
— To modify the form of bumps, it is soaked in water. Then cone tied with a rope, giving the desired shape, and dried.
Knowing these simple rules, you will always create a neat and beautiful crafts.


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