Today I’ll show you a table I created on the fairy tale «Twelve Months». I like to choose a story to their tables, even in my head, and for a while until I’m busy inventing stola.Menya it entertains and inspires. But sometimes topics read quite vividly, as in this table. Table-winter, snow-covered forest, beautiful and full of wonders. Hopefully, at this table, guests will remember this good and beautiful story. Their gaze falls on the wooden sled, selected me as a gift to the guest, along with candy, snow; and the snow-covered branches, forest birds and small knitted mittens heroine tale. And of course, the main decoration of the table will be cherished basket with snowdrops that wicked stepmother demanded to get the middle of winter.
Pine branch, toys made of wool felt and utensils in the form of branches and silver pattern on the vases helped me to create the atmosphere of Russian winter forest.
Ware is on the tablecloth, on top of which lies the mat, covered with snow, it is the center of the table. Crystal glasses and silver sparkle like icicles. White porcelain and crystal clear, brown napkins, silver accents, a monochrome composition violate a green leaves snowdrops-protagonists of the table.

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