Correct dinner. 7 examples of healthy dinners. Healthy foods

Correct dinner. 7 examples of healthy dinners.Healthy foods


1. The usual scrambled mixture of eggs and milk, to which you can add some fresh tomatoes or any of a handful of frozen vegetables.

2. Chicken fillet on the grill, pre-soaked in lemon juice with spices, served at the table with a salad of any vegetables.

3. Cod steamed side dish for which will be Hawaiian mixture of rice and vegetables.

4. Rabbit, baked in foil in the oven and serve with tomato salad.

5. Boiled rice with shrimps and vegetables.

6. Light soup broth of chicken, fish, seafood. Fill broth can either potatoes and other vegetables (e.g. broccoli), or grains (such as buckwheat or rice). Do not connect in a light soup destined for dinner, potatoes, meat and cereals.

7. Milk porridge «Hercules» with berries.



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