Crafts from woolen yarn. Christmas

Crafts from woolen yarn. Christmas



Christmas tree decoration

From the thread can be worthy crafts that look very rich. These crafts are made very simple, you need to prepare in advance:

— Balloons or pastry balls;

— A small amount of paper glue;

— Multi-colored woolen thread.

The sequence of work

1. The first thing to inflate balloons. The size depends on what I want to do crafts. Since at the moment in the shop are balls of different shapes, you can make crafts in the form of heart or spiral.

2. The surface of the balls smeared with glue. There is another option: a bottle of glue to pierce through and through it to reach the needle with wool thread, so she immediately impregnated with glue.

3. The need to wind the threads on the ball at random. It is desirable to use the colorless glue to the thread after drying it does not change color. If desired, the adhesive can be added in gouache favorite color. It is necessary to wait until the wool yarn on the ball is completely dry, it will take hours.

4. When the hack of the thread and the ball is dry, you need to puncture the balloon and removed through the hole that was left on the ground straps. Thus, you can create decorations pots and other household items. Optionally, you can make an ordinary or a snowman Christmas toy. Snowman made when three white woolen ball glued to each other, it is possible to draw a face and nose sticking out of small parts.


Christmas tree decoration, Crafts 


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