— 2 thin pita
— 2 pickled cucumbers
— 300 g of cabbage
— 1 small onion
— 1 medium carrot
— 4 tbsp vegetable oil
— mayonnaise to taste


1. Let the cabbage on a grater. Carrots clean and RUB on a grater for Korean carrot.It also allowed pickles directly with the skin — after a float it does not seem hard.We cut the onions.We scald it with boiling water and drain off the water after 2-3 minutes — so the bitterness will leave and the crunch left!Cabbage, carrots, cucumber, onion dressed with mayonnaise (not very much).On the first lavash spread half of the filling, flavored with a mayonnaise (if you minimize roll it will be spread as necessary) and add salt.
2. Turn into the loaf. By and large, it is possible to just slice and eat. But there is a much better option! Heat the pan on high heat with a small amount of vegetable oil. After a couple of minutes put the rolls seam side down.Fry on each side also on a big fire for two minutes. During this time, the lavash will become appetizing appearance and great taste, and the vegetables in the stuffing will not have time out and will remain crispy.Feed with love to your family and guests.

Well, very tasty! Direct beckons crunch!

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