Cucumber soup with shrimp


Onion — 0.5 PC.
Carrots — 3 small
Bay leaf — 2 PCs.
Shrimp — 12 PCs
Cucumbers — 1.5 kg
Hot pepper — 1 PC.Cucumber soup with shrimp

Cucumber soup with shrimp

Peel carrots (3 small or one large). And cut in small pieces.

The same is repeated with half the onions. In a skillet heat olive oil and fry carrots and onions about 3 minutes. Add a couple Bay leaves for flavor.

Once the vegetables become softer, throw frozen shrimp and pour boiling water so that it barely covered everything). Cook for a few minutes until the shrimp is not ready. And place them on a plate. And the broth remove from heat.
In the bowl of a blender chop the cucumbers and hot peppers (he’s here for the jokes, if you don’t, then do not take do pepper).

Grind into a puree. If you have been macovigilance, we just need the juice, then use it.

Strain the cucumber puree through a very fine sieve or cheesecloth, squeezing the juice well with a spoon. All we need to use three pounds of cucumbers, you get about 500-700 ml.

In the same pan pour the vegetable broth, which was left to us in a skillet. A ratio of 1:1 or so, rather try. Here you can make the soup more or less cucumber.

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