Delicious barbecue in the oven

Delicious barbecue in the oven.

Admit it, dear friends, do not you want to sometimes, to paraphrase the famous novel by Francoise Sagan, to get «a little sun in a city apartment?» Especially when the whole winter ahead? When not to coal and barbecues, but in the air, even hypothetically, smell of barbecue, symbolizing warmth, greenery, good company and gatherings until morning? I do not know about the rest, but the kebabs are very similar in smell, taste, and even, I would say, the aura of a campfire can be done without waiting for the seasonal heat. Make in an ordinary oven. At the same time, of course, avoid any unnecessary fumes and odors in the apartment. It is important to clearly observe only the conditions on which I will report below — and do it. For the matter?Delicious barbecue in the oven.

Delicious barbecue in the oven.

So, the first condition — it is of course meat. It is best for our apartment barbecue suited lamb or young pork. But come and veal, which I had not said about beef. But it is a matter of taste and the ability to choose the appropriate parts of the carcass. Of course, as for any «normal» kebab meat should be not that guy, but is well matured. With regard to the parts of the carcass where it is preferable to cut the meat, I will say this: the best lamb flesh — in the back (thigh), and at the top. The same goes for the pork. But with veal tenderloin is better to take (the one inside the carcass under the costal-vertebral part) or flesh from a rump (the upper part of the tailgate).

The second important condition — the presence of a small piece of sheep or fresh lard. «Little» — which means that the piece weight should be, of course, the smaller the weight of the pulp.

The third condition: the meat before you cut, it is necessary to clear of films, live and tendons. Samuel flesh cut into small pieces, no more than a walnut, trying to keep the pieces were similar in magnitude. More should be cut into smaller fat. His (number of pieces) should be approximately the same as, and meat.

Sliced meat and fat put into a large bowl and rub in a bowl of onions from the calculation: one onion on a pound of meat.

Delicious barbecue in the oven.
Once rubbed onions begin to marinating meat, both for conventional barbecue. That is, a little salt and pepper red pepper, add a pinch of ground cumin and a pinch of ground coriander seeds, a couple of pinches of turmeric, a little meat is sprayed with vinegar, in order to give a specific flavor of shish kebab, and squeeze the lemon. It is possible, and sometimes necessary (when it comes to what horrible «vinegar» from a nearby stall) just do a lemon.

Delicious barbecue in the oven.
The meat is then thoroughly mix, bowl cover with lid and leave to marinate for at least an hour, starting time to warm up the oven.
While the oven is heated, and the meat is marinated, you can enjoy dishes serving kebabs for the future. In the first place you will need to cook the onions. To do this, chop a couple of onions thin rings, wash several times in cold water, add the finely chopped herbs, a little pepper and a little lemon juice.

Delicious barbecue in the oven.
Along the way, I recommend to cook the sauce for dipping the finished kebabs. He will enjoy a lot more than some ketchup. It is done relatively quickly and simply. Finely chop some good ripe tomatoes, arrange them on a suitable pan or steel dipper, add a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar, a pinch of hot red pepper and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
We put on the burner with moderate temperature and stirring spatula, simmer for 8-10 minutes. Add a couple of teaspoons of good tomato paste (carefully study the composition, prescribed on the label). If available groundwater mature tomatoes imported from the southern edge, which, however, is possible only in the season, we do without tomato paste. Even very good.

Delicious barbecue in the oven.
Simmer 5-7 minutes more, align sauce sugar-salt-pepper and interfere with finely chopped green coriander and a pair of teeth of garlic, crushed by a special device. This, incidentally, one of the rare cases when thus it is recommended to grind the garlic, because the sauce — it is also a certain consistency.
Sauce immediately remove from the heat and bring to the cold, so cold.
Now — all for a kebab. Marinate the meat is best to string on bamboo skewers of yakitori, skewers because hardly enter into the oven.

The fourth important condition: a piece of meat on a skewer with stringing should be alternated with a piece of bacon, and, to finish stringing need to be sure a piece of bacon. Very tightly strung pieces is not necessary.
Bake the kebabs we will be on the grid. But before you put them on the grill, prepare the appropriate pan, which should be directly under the grate. To this end, a pair of fastening foil panels, carpeting and baking it randomly laid on the foil a few slices of thinly sliced bacon. This — the fifth important condition.
Now you can put on a baking grill, put on her kebabs so that they do not touch and push all the «design» in the oven, which must be warmed to 250 degrees.
And now, my friends, attention! As cooking with skewers on the foil begins to drip juice first, then fat drips. Top of kebabs begin intensive bake, while the bottom due to reflecting foil features from this intense baking will lag somewhat behind. Gradually spreads over the foil fat, which we previously laid her thin slices, will deter «premature» dymlenie dripping with fat kebabs. This is exactly what we need, because as soon as the top zazolotitsya, once we turn over kebabs browned side down and wait for the moment when, finally, the fat on the foil will smoke. It will happen fast enough. As soon as the fat will smoke, and a barbecue grill, and baking with foil will need to be removed from the oven.

Ready kebabs can be laid out on a dish, abundantly falls asleep prepared onions. Other vegetables and herbs each added already at its discretion. And do not forget about his own sauces.
Some useful advice — given the fact that the ovens are different. The electric stoves, ovens which are equipped with upper and lower tenami, baking is better positioned at the middle level of the oven and the final stage of cooking, it is desirable to include a convector for quick browning meat. In gas ovens baking should be put on the top. Some gas ovens are equipped with an electric grill that is being energized gas. In this case, the pan is best to put low, and at the final stage to rearrange briefly under the grill. It is also desirable regardless of what oven, 10 minutes after the start of frying put briefly (5-7 minutes), the bottom of the oven with hot water bucket. This technique does not allow the meat to dry out.

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