Diet foods: Most diet cheesecake 100g — 160kkal.

Diet foods: Most diet cheesecake 100g — 160kkal.


Recipes for weight loss, diet foods, diet
Very easy, nepritorny and pleasant cheesecake. When you want pastries on a diet, a cheesecake can be very useful.

The taste is obtained cheesecake, though, and very low-fat (instead of a casserole, etc.)

a substrate
• Anniversary biscuits 150g
• apple juice 50g
* 400g curd 1.8% (creamy, with no grains)
* 350g natural yoghurt 3.2%
* 1.5 eggs
* 1.5 tbsp starch
* 3.5 tablespoons Sahara
* Zest and juice of half a lemon
Need a sectional shape with a diameter 20-23sm.


1. Grind the cookies into crumbs (very easily in the blender knife)
2. Cookies add the juice and mash (the consistency should happen as clay). Stretch your hands on the bottom of the form
3. Whisk the cottage cheese, yogurt, sugar, zest and lemon juice until completely smooth mass. Add the egg (such an odd number of eggs came from the translation of the recipe, since the original recipe was a larger number of products. It is important that from half a second egg fell and whites and yolk. Usually, when you have exactly half of the eggs in some dish I cup stir egg white and yolk to mixed, and sent to the filling half the contents of the cup.)
4. Add starch, beat well to mix
5. The bottom of the form for the cheesecake wrap foil (preparing cheesecake in a water bath and the water through the slits may get inside)
6. In a large diameter than the shape, capacity (such as a frying pan or baking dish) pour water that reached up to half the height of the form of cheesecake
7. top form with cheesecake cover with foil and put in the form of water.
8. In a preheated oven (180 degrees) to put the cheesecake in a water bath for 50 minutes
9. After 50 minutes the oven off and leave cheesecake another 2 hours in an oven
10. Take the form with cheesecake, remove verhnuyuyu foil to hold the knife along the ledges.
11. Cool in the refrigerator and can be eaten.))


Recipes for weight loss, diet foods, diet

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