Dishes for Kids: Omelet CHEESE FOR THE CHILDREN

Recipes for Kids: Omelet CHEESE FOR THE CHILDREN

• Eggs — 2 pcs.
• Curd — 100 g
• Milk 1/2 cup baby
• Salt to taste

☝?Dlya children from 9 months.

To prepare a hearty omelet with cheese, take two eggs, whisk, whisk them with salt.

Take 100 grams of fresh cheese. Add the cottage cheese into the egg mixture and mash it with a fork. Thoroughly whisk once more.

Pour half a glass of baby milk and stir until smooth.

On a heated pan, place a teaspoon of butter and pour the omelette. When it starts to boil, stir a wooden spatula.

After 3 minutes, cover and reduce heat.

After 5 minutes a very satisfying dish is ready!

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