Dry-cured delicacy



For high quality dry-cured delicacy,you need:
1 pork tenderloin;
100 gr.vodka(brandy);
all kinds of spices;
flaky sea salt.Dry-cured delicacy

Dry-cured delicacy


Pork tenderloin wash,do not need to remove fat and veins.RUB on all sides with salt,spices.Put in a deep bowl(I used a baking dish).Put the meat,pour the vodka.Cover with cling film.Put it in the refrigerator.There’s our meat must «live» 24-30 hours.During this time,the meat must be turned every 3 hours.Later in the day.To remove the meat,rinse it with cold water,Pat dry with a cloth.Then again RUB it with spices,but without salt!Meat hung in a cool,well-ventilated place.I hung on the balcony(glazed balcony),but it is the perfect place for this.The meat is getting dry 5-7 days.After a week-meat is ready to eat!You get a great delicacy that will fit on any Desk.Meat does not compare with the purchase sausages and other delicacies.
PS who the question arises about security.The meat is absolutely safe.Alcohol will do the soy thing!

All a pleasant appetite!

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