Duck with apples

Duck with apples

Duck cooked according to my recipe is very delicate, aromatic, with a crispy crust. Usually when baking a white duck, we all hear a specific smell, thanks to pickling, this smell is completely nonexistent. In this way, you can cook chicken. Poultry meat in marinade, two days.

For marinade:

Water -1 l

Vinegar 9% -125 ml

Bay leaf 3-4 pcs.

Garlic-5-7 denticles

Black peppercorn-7-10 pcs

Sweet pepper — 6 pcs


Duck white — 1 piece — 2 -2.5 kg

Garlic -2 teeth

Salt to taste

Mixture of peppers -1 tsp (approximately)

Sour cream -3-4 tbsp

Apples green — 5 pcs

For decoration: orange, parsley, sweet pepper.

Duck with apples

Cooking method:

— Boil water, add vinegar and spices, boil for 5 minutes, if the large duck needs to use a double serving of marinade, that is 2 liters of water and 250 ml of vinegar 9%, so that the poultry meat is completely covered with liquid.

-After the marinade has completely cooled down, put the duck in a deep and (wide !!!) pan, fill it with marinade, and send it to the refrigerator for two days, before covering the pan with a lid.

-In the course of the day, the duck must be turned over a couple of times.

-Then we take the duck from the marinade, let it drain completely, we dry it with a paper towel.

-Pack rubbed with salt (I use sea), outside and inside, then rub it with chopped garlic, a mixture of peppers.

-In the middle of a duck we place apples, how many it will fit, fasten with toothpicks.

We put the duck on a baking sheet covered with parchment, grease the top with sour cream. We leave it for 30 minutes (and more), then put it in the oven, top it with foil. For 10-15 minutes, before cooking, remove the foil. Several times, pour over the resulting juice.

-The duck is needed at a temperature of 170-180 * from 2 to 2.5 hours.

-In the filling can be used: dried apricots, prunes, oranges, quince, plum, walnuts. You can also add spices such as marjoram, basil,

Cloves and cardamom. Ideal garnish becomes, baked potatoes or mashed potatoes, perfectly combined with vegetables, and will also become the main decoration on your table !!

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