Exotic unusual flowers. Interesting facts about flowers

Exotic unusual flowers. Interesting facts about flowers









Interesting facts about Flowers

In the harsh region of the Arctic Circle you can find wild rose bushes.

The scientific name of the plant forget-me (in spite of the deep meaning of the word) means «mouse ear».

Floating duckweed Wolff arrhiza — the smallest flowering plant in the world. The size of its tiny leaves barely one millimeter.

Many beautiful flowers — excellent doctors. For example, delphinium once commonly used in fractures as lotions.

On the slopes of the mountains of South America is growing a flower that blooms only in 150 years. Then it dies.

Dahlias are named after the explorer George. Give these flowers — it means to show respect and friendship.

All stages of their lives Australian tsvettok Rhizanthella Gardneri conducts underground. He even pollinate termites, subterranean insects.


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