Exotic unusual flowers. Interesting facts about flowers

Exotic unusual flowers. Interesting facts about flowers



Yellow and Red Fringed Parrot Tulips on Black

Yellow and Red Fringed Parrot Tulips on Black





Interesting facts about flowers

Chrysanthemums — flowers of imperial Japan. In this regard, the country has, and the Order of the Chrysanthemum festival in honor of this flower.
Most of the favorite colors of the Japanese — odorless. In this state decided to admire the beauty of the plants (even fruit), rather than inhale its aroma.

One of the fastest growing flowers in the world — a tulip. In just one day it may grow by 2 centimeters.

South American wild ficus has the longest roots. There are indications that the root system of one of the members of this plant reaches more than 120 meters.

China is considered the national flower peony. In this country, he is credited with truly magical properties. The Chinese believe that the peony expels evil spirits from the property.

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