Travel: Flower wonder park in Dubai, UAE

Travel: Flower wonder park in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a record city by the presence of large-scale tourist attractions, tirelessly working to create new, increasingly impressive projects that will attract even more tourists to its land. One of such wonders is the world’s largest flower garden park, called Dubai Miracle Garden (Miracle Garden of Dubai). His grand opening was timed to the Valentine’s Day in 2013 and soon it turned into a favorite place for romantic meetings and family walks, both among locals and tourists.

From the huge variety of fragrant flowers of Dubai Miracle Garden, designers create stunning floral compositions every year. In the year of the opening, in 2013, an 800-meter wall of flowers was built, which, thanks to its impressive length, was included in the Guinness Book of Records. Worthy of attention to all and such compositions as a ten-meter flower pyramid, a clock about 15 meters in diameter, decorated with flowers of birds, cozy colorful buildings, whose walls are made of flowers, mills, flower arches, boats and cars, originally decorated with different varieties of plants.

The main place in the flower oasis of Dubai Mirakle Garden specialists gave petunias — this flower is most often found on the territory of a miracle garden in the most diverse performances. Additions to it serve as black-hens, geranium, calendula, coleus, lobelia and other varieties of ornamental plants.

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