Healthy food. Ten green smoothies to cleanse the body

Healthy food. Ten green smoothies to cleanse the body

Vegetables and fruits have a green color on our bodies healing effect. Almost all of them are low in calories, it is very rich in vitamins and minerals.

Healthy food. Ten green smoothies to cleanse the body

On top of green vegetables and fruits perfectly clean our body. They improve metabolism. They are recommended for detoxification of the body.

We share with you the ideas of green smoothie products. These drinks can be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of them are very easy to prepare. The only thing to do is to chop vegetables and fruit, grind them in a blender until smooth and add a little water on the case, if necessary, if the smoothie was very thick.

✔ Spinach + kiwi + banana

Very refreshing smoothies that inspire you for a long time. Spinach replenish the body with vitamins and minerals. Do not forget that it is perfectly cleanses the body of harmful substances.
Add the spinach one banana and kiwi. First, you will add an incredible taste of the drink, and secondly, get a very hearty and delicious breakfast.

✔ avocado + cucumber + apple + ginger

This is not just a drink, and a full dinner. Due to the high content of monounsaturated fats in avocados that different nutritional smoothies. Avocado in their properties can compete with the products of animal origin.
Add the avocado an apple and a cucumber to give freshness, as well as several pieces of ginger to give an incredible flavor. This drink will protect your immune system. In addition, a few hours you forget exactly about hunger.

✔ Apple + avocado + green salad + kiwi

The drink of apple, avocado and kiwi are surprisingly good complement of fresh lettuce. At very low calorie (salad among the ten most health food), it has the properties of metabolic recovery and purification of the body. And it has a lot of iron.

✔ + Cucumber Parsley

Excellent light drink for the evening. Cucumber 90% water, so thanks to this property, this smoothie is perfect for use in hot weather. And if you add a few sprigs of parsley, you get a wonderful combination of freshness and good.
The unique properties of parsley are rich in its chemical composition. In 100 grams of the plant contains two daily allowance of vitamin C and carotene, which sometimes do not have enough in hot weather.

✔ Avocado + cabbage + spinach

It is believed that such a smoothie more than any other helps cleanse the body. Cabbage contains easily digestible protein, sugar and high in fiber. Combined with nourishing avocado and less useful spinach gives a very nutritious drink.

✔ Apple + Cucumber Lime +

Lime not only stimulates the removal of toxic substances from our body, but also has a calming effect on the nervous system, improves overall health, improves mood.
Smoothies lime combined with cucumber and apple — very refreshing and invigorating drink. Perfect for an early breakfast.

✔ Pepper + lemon juice

At first glance, it is quite an unusual combination. However, many happy seasoned salads, which include pepper, lemon juice. A rather hearty and easy.
vitamins contained in green pepper in helping to deal with stress, soothe, improve memory. If you feel chronic fatigue, this smoothie is what you need.

✔ Broccoli + apple + lime

Overestimate the beneficial properties can not be broccoli. This cabbage high protein content, which makes it indispensable for vegetarians. Moreover, broccoli is great substitute for meat when in hot weather does not want to eat junk food.
Broccoli — a wonderful dietary product, which displays the body of heavy metals. In combination with an apple and lime will turn a very interesting drink that can be enjoyed in the evening.

✔ Kiwi + cucumber + pineapple + lemon

The combination of the usual vegetables and sweet fruit — the key to a tasty result. Contained in a pineapple bioactive substances confer its unique healing properties: it stimulates digestion, promotes weight loss and rejuvenation of the body.
Pineapple raises blood levels of serotonin, the sensation of hunger, and displays the excess fluid. Combined with lemon, cucumber and kiwi vitamin you get a real charge.

✔ Celery + apple

Perhaps this is the most common green smoothie. Celery — an excellent restorative product. It is believed that a good celery detoxifies. He nizkokalorien, has soothing properties, and this can be very useful under a heavy load in hot weather. Drink celery and apple is perfect for both breakfast and supper.

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