Hot dishes Christmas

Hot dishes Christmas


Hot dishes Christmas- is the climax of the festival, which means that it must excite their appearance, taste delight, emphasize the solemnity of the long-awaited and fit into the overall picture of the Christmas table. Yes, the role assigned to him very important, and so hot in the Christmas, our hostess think through in advance, referring primarily to the priorities of the year. For the coming year has brought into your home only happiness, success and good mood, the symbol, the need to please correct and tasteful preparation of hot meals. Do not spare the vegetables, fruits and herbs, trying to decorate the prepared dish. The brighter and more appetizing it will look at the holiday table, the more chances you have to win the favor and delight family and guests.

Meat with oranges

1 kg of pork,
2 oranges,
1 tbsp. l. honey,
basil, salt, pepper mixture — to taste.

Wash the meat, dry it and make cuts in the thickness of 3-4 cm. Salt, rub seasoning. Orange cut into thick slices large to insert into the meat. Coat the pork with honey, sprinkle with basil and bake for 1 hour per oven, preheated to 200 ° C.


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