Iceberg lettuce»

100 grams of 73 kcal

1 chicken breast, boiled,
3 eggs, hard-boiled,
3 large bell peppers,
1 medium onion,
1 tbsp. pickled or salted mushrooms,
2 large tomatoes,
2-3 tbsp of vinegar 9%

For the filling:
150 gr. cheese,
1 tooth. garlic,
300 gr. unsweetened yogurtIceberg lettuce"

Iceberg lettuce»


Onions finely chop and marinate in vinegar (vinegar mix 2-3st.l 3st.l 9% water) for half an hour. Cheese grate, mix with yogurt and crushed garlic clove.
This dressing will promazyvat each layer salad.
1sloy: bell pepper, sliced into thin strips;
2sloy: chopped chicken breast;
3sloy: grated two eggs;
4sloy: finely sliced mushrooms and pickled onions (dry);
5sloy: tomatoes, cut into small cubes.

Top grate egg and garnish with greens.

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