Beautiful forests. Interesting facts about forests and trees.

 Beautiful forests. Interesting facts about forests and trees.

  • The trees grow all his life.
  • Forest — the lungs of the planet really. Do not be a forest, familiar life would not exist on Earth.
  • On average, 15-20 grams of wood goes into the production of a single sheet of A4 paper.
  • One of the most solid in the world of trees — birch Schmidt, growing in Russia. It is not possible to cut down a tree with an ax.

  • About a quarter of the world’s forests — taiga.
  • The most expensive in the world of tree species — magahoni.
  • The world’s tallest tree stands at one hundred and fifteen meters. It grows in the United States.

  • More than 70 percent of the territory of Finland is covered by forests. It is the richest country in the trees across Europe.
  • And the poorest — United Kingdom, where the forest covers only about six percent of the surface.
  • In Lithuania grows the tree called ‘old man’, which is about two thousand years.
  • oak crowns per year grows about one meter

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