Italian walnut cake

Italian walnut cake



1 g
Citric acid
1 h. L.
Wheat flour
150 g
150 g
1 pinch
4 things.
1 tbsp. l.
Powdered sugar
350 ml
100 g
Chocolate Black
30 g
Chocolate Drops
Step 1
To prepare the biscuit need such food: eggs (whites only), nuts, sugar, flour, lemon acid, salt.
Step 2
Nuts roast and grind into fine crumbs or flour, as it will.
Step 3
Protein shake up in the beginning with citric acid, and a pinch of salt to the whitening.
Step 4
Then portions add sugar and beat until thick peaks.
Step 5
Add the beaten egg whites to torture and ground nuts. Gently stir spatula from the bottom up to the uniformity.
Step 6
It turns out a protein assay (almost dakuaz).
Step 7
From parchment to cut the size of the circles after the detachable form, in my case — 18 cm. It takes 6 parchment circles, but as will be 6 cakes.
Step 8
It is advisable to grease the parchment to cakes brought down easily, and I forgot to do it. Smear tests on paper, spreading it immediately to all circles equally.
Step 9
Bake in a preheated 190 ° C oven for 5-8 fulfilled. Korzh be slightly gilded and slightly dry on top. Inside, they are pieces soft as sponge cake.
Step 10
Ready-made cakes cool slightly and immediately release to the paper. Doing this with caution, as they are very delicate. That role bake all 6 cakes.
Step 11
For the filling, we need cream, chocolate, powdered sugar, vanilla.
Step 12
Melt chocolate convenient way cool.
Step 13
Fluff cream with powdered sugar until soft peaks form.
Step 14
Putting the cake. At the bottom of the cake and allow the first coat with chocolate. Chocolate should immediately grab. Top with whipped cream and inform smudge on the surface.
Step 15
Sprinkle grated ready crisps or chocolate. It is time to just mix the cream with the chocolate.
Step 16
Repeat with the rest of shortcakes, not the last.
Step 17
Last chocolate cake do not need to be lubricated, but only cream.
Stroke 18
All smear cream cake on all sides and place in refrigerator for 30 fulfilled.
Step 19
Top sprinkle with grated chocolate and decorate as desired.

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