Original Dessert «Watermelon slices»

Original Dessert «Watermelon slices»

Apple (green) — 2 pieces
Yoghurt (without additives) — 200 g
Berry (to taste)
Powdered sugar (to taste)
Gelatin — 1 package
Chocolate (kaelki)
Lemon juice

1. Pyurirovat berries (I picked raspberries and strawberries), add to yogurt.
2. Gelatin plate soaked in 2.5 tablespoons water to swell, raspustit.V mousse cooked add the powdered sugar (to taste).
Apples cut in half, carefully select the contents of a spoon, pour the lemon juice.
Prepare the chocolate chips.
3. Fill the halves of the apple mousse, adding the chocolate chips.
4. Put in the freezer until completely pour mousse.
Cut into slices.

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