Original ideas dishes Valentine’s day: Canapés for lovers

Original ideas  Canapés for lovers: Canapés for lovers



Canapés for lovers

Winter menu: recipes Valentine’s day, and new dishes idei.KanapeRetsepty Valentine’s day, and new ideas. canape

Toast of white bread — 2 pieces.
Red caviar — 1 tbsp
Olives, chopped — 1 tbsp
White cheese — 20 g
Mayonnaise — 1 tsp
Butter — 1 tsp
Egg white, boiled
From toast cut out little hearts. For one heart we put butter and red caviar lay out a female bust and beads. The next toast to apply the mixture of cheese and mayonnaise. We spread on the cheese in the form of male tails chopped olives. From egg white shirt doing.



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