Original snacks for Christmas. Crab sticks «adorable»

Original snacks for Christmas. Crab sticks «adorable»



● crab sticks — 1 package (200 g)
● Eggs — 3-4 pieces,
● Cheese — 70-100 g,
● Garlic — 1-3 cloves,
● mayonnaise,
● dill


Boil eggs. Proteins are carefully separated from the yolks and rub in separate bowls on a grater (proteins grate, and the yolks on a fine). Grate the cheese on a fine terke.Chesnok pass through the press. Finely chopped dill. Connect the egg whites, cheese, garlic, dill, season with mass mayonnaise and mix well. Crab sticks carefully to deploy.

Each stick to grease the egg-cheese weight and carefully but quite firmly, roll into a tube so that the filling was inside. For ease of use, the stick cut in half to two small rolls. Each stick with the short sides with mayonnaise and cover with grated egg yolks to get a nice edge. Put in a dish, sprinkle with a little egg yolks and garnish with dill.


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