Recipes of healthy breakfast

Recipes of healthy breakfast

Which breakfast is most useful? This question was answered by American scientists. Having carefully studied this issue, they developed 10 recipes for the most healthy breakfasts.

1. On the first place there was an oatmeal porridge in which it is quite good to add honey instead of sugar or any fresh berries or dried fruits. In such a mess, you can also put a few nuts. Oatmeal porridge can be cooked on milk or water — as you like.

2. The second place is muesli with milk. Instead of milk, you can use yogurt.

3. An omelet is useful from 1 or 2 eggs with the addition of fresh greens.

4. In the fourth place, the original breakfast is from ordinary oatmeal. The recipe is simple: 2-3 tsp oat flakes, 100-150 grams of natural yogurt and berries to taste. All put into a blender and beat until a homogeneous mass, at the end add 1-2 teaspoons of linseed oil.

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Recipes of healthy breakfast

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